Microbiome Test

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Thanks to the MICROBIOME TEST, we determine the age of a person's microbiota and find out whether the state of your intestinal system is disturbed. We will compare the representation of selected groups of bacteria and assign them to a given age group.
By early detection of the large difference between an individual's actual age and his microbiome age, the adverse trend can be stopped and fatal consequences can be avoided by changing the lifestyle.

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From January 2023, the analysis will be expanded to include the genera Akkermansia, Shigella and Escherichia, Fusobacterium.

Microbiome analysis takes 6 weeks from the date of admission to the laboratory.

After the sampling set for the MICROBIOME TEST has been sent to you, you need to fill out an electronic questionnaire (from the sent link or through the office) and then send your sample to our warehouse. ATTENTION! The analysis of your sample will only begin if you have completed the questionnaire.

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